Y A Young Consulting

Our role is to solve your data management issues,  no matter what your company's size, business or growth expectations.

Welcome to Y A Young Consulting!
Y A Young Consulting specializes in providing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with impartial advice on choosing and implementing effective, workable data management systems.

Why might you need us?
Chances are that your company gathers and stores a myriad of information – from client details and requirements, to internal invoicing, job-scheduling, payroll requirements, marketing projects.  In fact all businesses, no matter what their size, are increasingly over-whelmed with Data – some needless, but most of it crucial to the ongoing growth and development of your enterprise.

Up until now you might have been relying on Excel and/or Outlook to manage all of this information. As your business develops, you may find that you need a more sophisticated, integrated system that addresses your specific data management and organizational needs. Or you may have an existing system that needs to be tuned to your requirements but you don’t know how.

Y A Young Consulting has 15 years’ experience collating, organising and scheduling data, as well as implementing new systems or overhauling existing ones – in the way that is most optimal and efficient for your company.


If you want to increase your productivity and generate greater revenue, then Y A Young Consulting can help. 

Our  Mission:

  • We will always match your specific data management needs with the system most suited to your requirements. 
  • We will never recommend a product that is not in your best interests. 
  • We will always offer no-nonsense, practical advice, and be as commercial in our approach to your project as you are.