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Y A Young Consulting focuses on three main areas of data management: 

Service 1  Impartial advice on systemsDont know which system to choose?  Where do I start looking?  Through discussing your needs and requirements we will give you advice on which system to choose.  Use us as a sounding board and we’ll help prevent you from making a costly and time consuming mistake.  (Usually takes half a day - approx £150)

Service 2  Choosing a system.After the initial disucssion as described above, we will help you to choose a system best suited to you, working with vendors we’ll include all of the pertinent questions that you may forget to ask!  (Usually a couple of weeks - £400-£600)

Service 3  Our main focus is delivering Service CEO software. Ideal for the Service Industry STEP 1 - Our first step is a fact finding one.  We will undertake a complete and thorough overview of your business so that we really understand you, your products and services, your clients and your needs.
STEP 2 -We then present a demonstration of the product, tailor-made for you.
STEP 3 -
Following the demo, you will receive an email proposing the solution and costs to set up your systemSTEP 4 - We will take the pain out of implementing and learning your new system leaving your business to focus on what its good at.

The solution covers any of the following requirements

  • Data conversion

  • Installation of software

  • Installation of Address checking software

  • Customisation of reports

  • Training documentation specific to your needs

  • Training for all users

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Backup

  • Security

  • Direct Marketing

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) measurement

  • Advanced billing

If you are interested in this service Please click here and fill in the registration form for Service CEO. 
NB  You buy the software from Service CEO and if you need help on the implementation you buy the consulting from us