Y A Young Consulting

Where are we based?
We are based in London and will not charge travel and expenses within the greater London area.

How do we charge?The rates for each service vary depending on your needs.  Any price that you are quoted is fully inclusive of all personal expenses unless stated at the time of inquiry.  Typically half a day is £150-£200 including follow up and any documentation.
Please contact us for a quote.

How quickly can we implement the system?WE aim to have the system implemented as quickly as possible, this obviously varies dependent on your needs.
As an indicator however for a 5 person SME, we would estimate 3-4 weeks from project inception until you are up and running.  The usual price this type of implementation is approx £3000 licence cost and £2000 consulting cost

Additional Help and Reducing Costs
If you are implementing Service CEO, they have a comprehensive online help system and support system.  If you feel confident you can implement the system your self!
We believe that our consulting will speed up this process and give you guidance from our previous experience.

Are there any ongoing costs?There is a small ongoing software licence cost of £100-£150 per year per user.  There is no ongong consulting cost, any additional work that is needed is done on a daily rate of £400 per day.  If small pieces of work are needed then they are either charged pro-rata or amalgamated together over time.